Egg Fritters / Bhajjis / Pakoras / Life-Savers on a rainy day!

With the sudden drop in the temperature and the constant drizzle which lasted two days non-stop, here’s a list of things I did yesterday.

1. I buffeted the life out of my alarm clock early in the morn to get it to shut up!

2. Overslept. Got up. Had a hurried breakfast. Watched a li’l TV and slept again!!! Didn’t have the heart to leave the warm cocoon of two quilts and three pillows around me for long! Aah! Heaven!

3. Got up lazily sometime in the evening thinking of ways of how I could spend the rest of the beautiful rainy day. Found mum in the kitchen, making tea and humming. How wonderful it is to wake up to a hot cup of tea!! :D

4. Dad suggested that we make a batch of hot crunchy Egg Fritters to go with the tea. What an awesome idea!!! Rain! Hot tea! And a hot snack to munch on!  Could the day get any better??!! Naah! ;)

So I quickly cleaned up, combed my hair and went to the kitchen to whip up the yummy snack for everyone. And in 15 minutes I was ready with the tray of hot fritters and was in time to join in the excited chatter. Believe it or not! It’s that easy! :)

A quick snack to prepare for unexpected guests too! Try it out and have a cozy evening with the family today!!! :)

The picture is an old one. I couldn’t take any pictures yesterday ‘coz no one would let me! :P


4 or more hard-boiled eggs

2 cups gram flour

2 tsp (or to taste) red chilli powder

1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

salt to taste


oil to deep-fry


In a medium round bowl put the flour, red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, salt. And in a slow trickle, add water and mix simultaneously till you get a not-so-thick batter.

The batter should neither be too thick nor runny. It should be thick enough to coat the back of your spoon. Set the batter aside for 15 minutes.

Heat oil in a deep pan. While the oil heats up, mix the batter once again and then dip the eggs whole, one by one in the batter and slide them in the hot oil gently and deep fry them till light golden and crisp. Remove them on a paper towel.

When all the battered eggs are fried, cut each of them in half and fry them again for a minute or two to get extra crispy fritters! :) Serve hot with ketchup or tomato garlic sauce! :)


1. You can dip the fried halves in the batter before frying for the second time. (I didn’t)

2. You can use any vegetable you like instead of the eggs. For example potatoes, egg plants, spinach leaves etc.


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