SUE YOU FAKE TIRAMISU!!! (for being so unbelievably yummy!)

How many times have you heard yourself say “How I wish I could create that awesome dessert in my own kitchen!” when you are out on a dinner date with your family or friends at a swanky restaurant? “Tiramisu” I feel, falls in that category of desserts (the one that makes you yearn for the recipe!) with its smooth and creamy yumminess with just a hint of coffee that sings on your palate and make your toes curl with every spoonful!!! Mmmm!!! Even if you do find the perfect recipe, many a time you fall short of an ingredient or two ‘coz some ingredients are difficult to come by around your place. I faced this predicament when I went out in search of Mascarpone Cheese. Surprisingly, it was nowhere to be found! At least not for a very long time. Finally when I was done dragging my bum to every possible food store here, and was just about to give up, there they were!!! Sitting proud and staring at me from their roost were perfect little packets of mascarpone! But when I looked at the price tag, my heart skipped a beat! Sigh! They were sadly too expensive for a college-going girl that I am and them being of an imported brand and all, I ended up not buying the cheese at all…

On a happy note, the recipe I’m gonna share with you requires absolutely no mascarpone!!! Yup! That’s right! No mascarpone! So people who find it hard to get their hands on some, but are craving for some tiramisu can try this recipe out. I got this recipe from a friend, and it’s a hit with my family!  This recipe is the closest you can get to an authentic Tiramisu without using any mascarpone. You might find it a tad too sweet! But who’s complaining right?!! Keep in mind, this recipe is meant to pacify your taste buds. Nothing can replace the real thing. But this recipe is almost as good is all I’m saying.

I make this dessert using the trial and error method. there’s no set measurement for the ingredients. But for your convenience I gave the nearest measurements that i use. And hey! i even Indianized the whole dessert by sprinkling pistachio and almond slivers on top. :P Look at the pictures. Wicked right?? :P Enjoy!!

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1 1/2 can condensed milk
3/4 cup whip cream powder
2 tbsp milk powder
Milk/cream as required
Tea biscuits or lady fingers as required
A few tsp Coffee powder


STEP 1- Put the condensed milk, whip cream powder, milk powder in a blender and blend till smooth for about 3 minutes. Check the consistency of the mixture. It should be like a thick custard. If its too thick, add some milk or cream and blend again. Or if the mixture is too thin, blend in some more of the whip cream powder. Set aside.

STEP 2- In a wide bowl put 1/3 cup water and 2 tsp coffee powder and mix well. Keep a serving dish(preferrably rectangular/square) ready. Dip one biscuit in the coffee concoction at a time and place them in your dish to cover the bottom.

STEP 3- Now pour half of the mixture prepared in step 1 over the biscuit layer. Then create another layer of biscuits soaked in coffee, gently placing them over the condensed milk mix. Then pour the rest of the mixture from the blender over this second layer of biscuits. Put the dish in the mid-freezer overnight. Decorate and serve the next day!!!! *slurrrrpppp*

Note: 1 can of condensed milk = 400g


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