I’m just your average girl, experimenting with a few ingredients; And sharing those recipes with you that didn’t go “BOOM” in her kitchen ! :P

Yep! That’s me!

So this is how we roll here… A recipe, a week; maybe two, if I’m not caught up with work. :)

I find my inspiration for cooking from my childhood memories from back in the KSA when mum and dad threw huge parties at home. Loved watching mum prepare a feast in the kitchen, though my only contribution was to stuff my face with food! :P

My not-so-little brother helps me with the photography and tasting. Sometimes he reads the posts before they are published and gives me a thumbs up, and that’s how I know I’m good to go. :)

I hope you enjoy reading my stories behind the recipes too… Stories that tell you about my exploits in the kitchen and my love affair with food. :D  I assure you they are pretty interesting and informative too :)

I’d love to know about your experience with the recipes too. So please comment. Don’t be shy. Any queries or suggestions are also welcome. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. :) For further queries and comments, you can contact me at thegrubshackblog@gmail.com

Follow me on my blog and join in the fun ride with me :) 

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